2019-05-23 — Verktøykassen: Creative Software @ Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts

As part of a series of workshops combining art and technology, co-presenters Stian Remvik, Espen Sommer Eide (@materialvision), and Lars Ove Toft introduced participants to creative software including Vuo.

About this workshop:

In this last Verktøykassen before the summer, we will present three different data-based creative tools: TouchDesigner, Vuo and openFrameworks. TouchDesigner and Vuo are visual exhibition platforms, while in openFrameworks you code with C++. With these tools you can, for example, create and change video and animation in real time, create interactive user experiences or make visualization for music.

The different tools will be presented by our regular course holder Stian Remvik, together with Espen Sommer Eide (adviser in art and technology at BEK) and Lars Ove Toft (general manager at BEK). We will not go into depth of each software, but will show what is possible and how we work with the tools ourselves.

About the workshop series:

Verktøykassen (the toolbox) is BEK’s new meeting place to learn about and try out technical tools, be it both hardware and software. There is a low threshold for participation and a high hands-on factor. Each time, a new “theme of the day” is launched, and the participants can come with inputs or questions that are raised jointly. The toolbox will take place regularly throughout the spring, and is led by game developer and programmer Stian Remvik.

Image: Harmonic Connection by Stian Remvik