32bpc Color Accuracy Choice: GL_RGB32F

To allow Vuo to render video at 32bpc. Very useful for compositing video effects, especially when such effects could degrade the RGB values and result in color banding.

This would be enabled within the color depth menu on certain nodes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 1.55.00 pm.png

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

By the way, Vuo’s 16bpc rendering is implemented using GL_RGB16F — 16bit half-floats. Since the pixel components are floating-point, you (theoretically) shouldn’t encounter clipping. (If you’ve noticed clipping — besides the weirdness when using 16bpc images in Blend Images that you already emailed me about — please let me know.)

Can the GL_RGB32F be a setting somewhere in Vuo? (or possibly a setting along with 8 & 16 bit toggles)? Unless this would cause a complete system re-write I think it would be good to give us the choice of using best quality.

I am thinking of usages such as rendering motion graphics for video, compositing etc. This would show in gradients and high quality compositing operations.

UPDATE: changed title.

@alexmitchellmus, in practice have you seen any color banding with 16bpc?

My monitor is only 8bit- will update later this year, so fine gradients always look a bit strange. Higher bit depth accuracy allows us to do more maths on color and “still” not get banding.

Especially when Color LUTs come into the equation. There are already lots of crazy things that fragment shaders can do with color maths to push the limit. (I know shader toy will be upgraded in 1.3 to 16 bit, exciting).

Does that help?

This FR may be better to implement as a Vuo system feature (image type accepting 8, 16, 32 bit image type) before any node is updated.

Also realised that prores (even 4444) only allows 12 bit highest quality. So the “export” would only make sense for image sequences that support high bit depth quality: PNG; TIFF; OpenEXR etc…  

Chosen to be implemented.

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The excitement is real!

Vuo 1.2.4 adds support for 32bpc.

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