3D LUT node for color correction

A node that is able to take a pre-made 3D LUT for colour correction. Additionally the node could be paired with a ‘make 3D LUT’ generator node to facilitate custom colour correction within VUO using LUTS.

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

take a pre-made 3D LUT

Which LUT file format(s) are you interested in being able to import?

a ‘make 3D LUT’ generator node

What input parameters would the generator have?  

I’m working on a project with cameras that film live broadcast content.

I have very good cameras, but the quality of the content is too much degraded when you start doing color grading inside VJ software. To overcome this problem, I do my colorimetry directly using a LUT integrated into the camera and it works like hell. But, the process to make the LUT and load it into the camera is long and being able to integrate the LUT directly into the program will save a lot of time (and so creativity ;)).
That exists in VDMX; unfortunately my laptop is buggy and it doesn’t work for me. Moreover I would like to be able to use this feature in Resolum in order to benefit from the mapping features.

Best 3D LUT for me “.cube”; no need to have LUT generator.

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If it can be of any help, I just realized I ported a LUT filter some years ago but never released any of it. Check it out here, and a generator to go along with it here.

Make sure to stress and test extensively before putting it into production.