3D object blending

hiAll, kindly ask to support this request concerning 3D objects blending.
i used to use it in QC despite it is not good-optimized patch in Kineme 3D library. Even on powerful server it slow down all running compositions in case of using models with more than 12k vertices. Hope it might be fixed in Vuo.

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

Don’t understand this FR …

What is ment with “Blend” ?

@Bodysoulspirit — morphing between different 3D objects, aka tweening or interpolating.

Given two 3D objects as input, a Blend 3D Object node would gradually move the vertices from their positions in the first object to their positions in the second object.

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@jstrecker ah ok thanks ! Sounds cool !

I really would like this feature.
the kineme3d blend nodes are the nodes i use the most.
Especially since they also blend the UV coordinates of an object.
My projection mapping setups heavily rely on this technique.

I promisse to show a demo of this, so we can all agree we need this in Vuo ;)

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This would blow my mind. I Want ;)