3D object rotation around centre?

I’m trying to achieve the rotation of the helice around it’s centre like seen in attached clip.
I thought there would be some easy way to it, something like 3d anchor points so i can change the way of rotation,but im just not able to.
I tried to export the collada from blender moving its centre to a diferent positions thinking maybe it would affect to rotation in Vuo, but that is always the same.
I’m attaching also the composition. Does anybody know if it’s actually possible? Thank you

heli.zip (409 KB)

Export the rotor as its own object with center 0,0,0. Do the rotor animation (rotate y?), then do a second translation to where its placed on the chopper (2nd object). Combine objects and translate the combined object to wherever you want it.

Thanks @MartinusMagneson for the answer. That is exactly what I did. It’s 2 different objects combined. Did you open my heli.zip attached composition?
But it’s not rotating the correct way. Maybe I’m missing something? Thank you  

Oh! My bad, I just looked at the video.

After opening the comp, it seems like the rotor in the .dae file itself is off center. In addition, you should place an extra “Transform 3D object” node on the rotor before combining it with the body (use that node two times instead of the combine node to transform an object).

The node flow would then be “Fetch scene” → “Transform 3D Object” (rotation) → “Transform 3D Object” (placement) → “Combine 3D Objects” (attach to body).

Hi Martinus, thanks again.
I just fixed it the way you recommend, but the result is the same. The problem is that the helice is not rotating around its centre, but it’s kind of spinning around it. So I was wondering if you can somehow change the anchor point on 3d objects in vu? I tried to place the centre of the helice to a diferent position in blender before exporting to dae but the rotation behaviour in vuo is always the same.Thank you I’m attaching the fixed version

heli.vuo (7.68 KB)

Not in Vuo, but you could add an additional transform to offset it before rotating. It’s probably better to use Blender or something similar and reset the origin in the dae.

Ok, thanks. I think the solution would be probably adding the anchor point to 3d object in vuo somehow to be able to choose how I want the object to rotate, because the reseting the origin in blender doesn’t influence the rotation afterwards.
I could probably do the whole animation in Blender , but than I wouldnt be able to work with it in Vuo as it doesn’t play animated collada yet.
Thanks for all your help!

Yup, something is off with that model (literally!). No problem!