3d text extrude


I know I can

[Make Text Image] —> [Make Unlit 3D Object from Image]

to get a text in 3D space

but is it possible to “extrude” the 3D text to make it “thicker”?

I tried to transform the z-scale of the 3D text but it did not work.


I may be wrong but right now your best bet would be to export a 3D text mesh from Blender for example if it’s static text and import it into Vuo.
Yes it’s confusing since Make Unlit Object from Image can be Z-scaled transformed but it’s still a single slice without depth.

For better results it would probably require a feature request either to be able to set a real depth to Make Unlit From Image (And for Make 3D Square) or better, a “Make 3D Text Mesh” like Blender can.

Right now the only ways I see to get a somehow close result is either to

a - Copy the slices multiple times with different z-positions close enough you don’t see the gaps (unlit looks better than lit).

b - Or use Displace 3D Object with Image but you need to set a fair high amount or vertices and the text still looks pixellated with quite high amounts.

And then to try to isolate the text you could wanna try to trim the extruded text from it’s 3D square using Trim 3D Object but it looks bad because parts of the text triangles are being trimmed and are absent (see Displace & Trim image below) or you could try to make a light with limited depth to only shine on the displaced part, but I’m getting weird results (see Displace With Image + Light image below.)

Joining the compostions in a .zip below if it helps you anyway (use the draggable camera to 3D rotate the view).


3D Extrude Text.zip (363 KB)

Thank you so much for the detailed reply!
I see for “perfect extrude” Blender is the best way, but the method of copy slices multiple times with different z-positions is so cool! Although I can see the gaps between slices from a side view, but this effect is cooler than the perfect extrude!
This is really the beauty of Vuo, using nodes already have to make something which is not directly available.
Thanks again.

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This really should be a feature request, along with bevel.

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