4K iDome

Not a question but an example of Vuo in a new iDome installation, see photos attached.
Resolution 4096x2400, 11,000 ansi lumens.
Content can be realtime via Unity, but I use Vuo for playback of fisheye movies and more interesting navigable 360 movies.
The later uses a GLSL shader to extract the fisheye from the equirectangular video, o f course all possible due to the warpmesh node.
Really like the screen controls in Vuo, being able to create control windows on the primary display and the output on the fullscreen secondary display.


Hmmm, why does your image uploader decide to rotate (or not rotate) my images?

I think we fixed the image rotation issue. Thanks for sharing these! The images are very striking.

I guess it was ignoring the rotate flags put in the image by the android phone.