A websocket node

As a longtime user of QC and building User Interface’s to drive QC graphical displays suitable (user friendly) for anyone to use I found QC quite cumbersome. Even with Quartz builder the replication of Input Inspector and resorting to building your own QC buttons, sliders etc was a pain and the results were unimpressive most of the time.

When I started using Mirek’s Web-socket plugin it opened a whole new world of web based Custom UIs for QC. It also allows remote operation a possibility from iOS devices etc. Great for a client of mine doing large screen twitter feeds at International sporting events. OSC is the closest current existing tool to do this but it requires using a pre-determined iOS App of some kind and often that’s just not what you want to give to your client, just not relevant. Also Websocket has packet security and I’ve had issues with OSC dropping messages in the past.

HTML/CSS/JS is so quick to build compeling UI/UX with and Vuo/QC are not so I recommend this node to Vuo users to vote for.

Hey Useful Design,
Thanks for this request! This functionality is planned for 0.9. Please check it out then and let us know if you have further thoughts. Thanks again!

Thanks Travis!

By 0.9 I’ll hopefully have got some VUO experience. Several potential projects in mind but not enough hours in the day.


Our plan has changed, so we are proposing:

  • Make a basic HTTP server node that would send integers, reals, and text from a web browser into Vuo. With that, a user could use/create various form elements: buttons, text fields, select lists, radio buttons, checkboxes. The node or nodes would be similar to “Receive OSC Messages” and “Get Message Values.”

I don’t really mind what underlying methods are used but two-way flow of data and low-latency are usually determining factors of UI/UX success.

For my needs Mirek’s Websocket was easier to use and more powerful than Kineme’s web server and client patches. So I guess that’s where my preference is. Seeing as you already are using ZMQ library for the Vuo Editor maybe you can leverage that?

I really wanted to use the Kineme patches in preference to Websocket in QC to build my UI but in the end I had no choice. If it’s going to be like the QC patches, then I’m less than overjoyed. Maybe if I’d done IP networking 101 I could have got more out of server/client patches – dunno.


Sorry for misunderstanding your feature request. We are going to investigate WebSocket support, and we’ll get back to you mid- to late-October.


We investigated and determined what it would take to enable true WebSocket support. I’ve opened the feature request for pledging.

@JMCC I don’t really understand what Websocket is, but I was seeking through the feature requests to see if a simple URL/HTML node set request already existed.

Something like the Kineme Network tools, especially the XML Parser patch that was so useful to retrieve some website data into a composition.

Will this feature request handle such things or should I make a seperate one ?

If you want more of an idea about websockets check out this video and the source code for Mirek’s QC Websocket plugin on GitHub. An XML and/or RSS feed node are some things a bit different from this request but would be useful also.

@Bodysoulspirit, WebSocket (uppercase) described on this feature request is different from the websocket (lowercase) used in Kineme NetworkTools. If you’re interested in being able to make HTTP requests to URLs (and parse the data), it would be great if you could create a separate feature request.

@useful design ok. So this thing is pushing things further, allowing bi-directionnal communications and all that stuff.

I’m going to create a simple HTTP XML parser where people can vote too.

This would be extraordinarily helpful to allow back-end services to maintain a constant connection to Vuo and pass data bidirectionally.

For those totally out-of-the-know, think about it as “enabling Vuo to bidirectionally talk to another application over the network, using a magical, long-lived telnet-type or ssh-type session.”

This is one of many network-level improvements that would greatly increase our ability to use Vuo in our environments. You could do some very cool things here.

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Would love to see native Websockets built-in. I was able to run Python Websockets with inside Vuo but ran into some issues with being able to kill the websockets port on Vuo App close. Again, websockets would be a GREAT addition for integration and controllability from other external sources. I currently have several projects that I would love to use Vuo on but can’t due to lack of Websockets communication ability. I tried hacking it with OSC but was unsuccessful with that.

Looks like this request has been around for a while, just adding my 0.2c because I’d love to be able to remotely control OBS from Vuo and it looks like websockets is the only way in to OBS.

curious as to why you might chose Vuo to drive OBS, @dj2mn?

when you put it like that — I’m not quite sure. Maybe I really want to control Vuo from OBS?

ok so I’m just Trying Stuff Out To See What Works. I’m using Vuo to generate live graphics which is both projected into the room and added as an OBS source for my band’s live stream, if I can ever get it working to a point I’m happy with. At the moment I’ve got DMX & Artnet controlling video generation and lights, and NDI video streams flying all over the place. Trying to integrate it all with Ableton Live so I can trigger scene/lighting/graphics changes from a single point. It’s getting there, I think?