a window property to keep it on top (of composition edit window)

a window property that, when set, floats that window on top of all other windows
(like the node library / which doesn’t necessarily need to be on top all the time imo)

Thanks, carlitos. We’ve opened this for community voting.

ah - cool - thanks Jean Marie
it would be a really big help, especially when working on laptop (single monitor), to be able to see the output window whilst making changes…

Yes, could be cool.
However as a window property, I guess an exported app with this would put the app window always on top too ? And if you wanna use it to live-code, you’d have to always drag & connect that node.

Would beside a window property for exported apps, an option in the option menu not make also sense ? If you want the editor composition window only to be on top ?

From a Vuo Youtube Video I got the idea from Smokris to also use the macOS split-screen function (click-hold the green window button), which already works great in some cases, but a bit less depending on the composition size ratio.

(PS I even remember wanting to request a function where double-clicking the editor window compositions, would dock them above the node library (like the library does), a bit like Adobe panels.


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Change Window Level node added in Vuo 2.1.0. Set Level to Floating to keep the window on top.


Also worth noting that the Node Library pallet window stays on top when one switches to other applications. That’s should not be happening. That should be fixed in my view. In some cases it’s desirable to have one apps floating palettes on top even when in a different application but node palette has no reason to be there in any context that I can think of.