Ability to disable screen saver, display sleep and computer sleep with composition running in full screen

I’ve made a composition that allows user input only via a microphone. (For an 11-month old who likes to scream with delight!) Because there’s no mouse or keyboard interaction, the screen saver keeps coming on and killing the mood. I’m aware that I could disable the screen saver on my computer, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect a user to change system settings to enable an occasionally-used app to function as expected.

I propose that either:

  1. a vuo.window node that creates a window property enabling or disabling the screen saver; or
  2. a setting for all compositions that automatically disables the screen saver when running an app in full screen.

Opened for voting.

We’re thinking of implementing this as a standalone node, rather than a window property node, since it applies system-wide. Having it as a node rather than an editor setting would enable it to work for exported apps.

Fair enough. Is it possible to implement an input so the composer can specify whether to apply the property to the app all the time, or only when in focus?

Yeah, we could either do an input on the Screensaver node or a separate node that detects if the window is in focus. One would be more convenient for this specific situation, the other might be more generally useful.

This was really quick to implement, so we went ahead and added it in Vuo 2.2.0.

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