Add Brownian noise function to Make Gradient Noise


I’d like see Brownian motion function added to collection of available noises (Perlin and Simplex) in Make Gradient Noise node.

Brownian motion seems organic, I find it looking better than Perlin/Simples for moving objects on x, y, z axes.


RoughBrownianMotion.vuo (5.83 KB)

RoughNormalDistribution.vuo (5.18 KB)

So you want to move objects in paths like this, right?

(source: Sullivan.t.j, File:Wiener process 3d.png - Wikimedia Commons)

That would not be very difficult, but I think it would be a separate node from Make Gradient Noise since it’s a different kind of noise and probably needs different inputs.

I’ve attached a rough simulation of Brownian motion in 1 dimension if you want to use it before this feature request is implemented.

RoughBrownianMotion.vuo (5.83 KB)

RoughNormalDistribution.vuo (5.18 KB)

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Yes, that’s the function. I’ve checked your examples, thanks. I’m looking for more smooth outputs. In TouchDesigner implementation there’s “number of integrals” parameter, when I set it to 2 I’m getting a nice fluid moves, that are giving the most natural look for things likes camera position. Like here: Unity test with Keijiro Brownian Motion - YouTube  

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 18.35.25.png

Good to know, thanks for clarifying. (I wasn’t sure what they meant by “number of integrals”, but the documentation explains “With Num of Integrals at 2, its acceleration is changed randomly every frame.”)