Add Distribution to `Make Random List`

Currently Make Random Points Object allows a user to generate points with 4 different dispersions:

  • Cube-Volume
  • Cube-Surface
  • Sphere-Volume
  • Sphere-Surface

I would like to be able to have the same control in Make Random List. Which currently only allows Cube-Volume (I understand that we can change the Min & Max of random generators, but this doesn’t allow a spherical cull etc.)

Here are the two nodes side-by-side.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6.57.21 pm.png

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Opened for voting.

Make Random List can work with Integers, Reals, 2D Points, 3D Points, and 4D Points. The cube/sphere dispersions are in 3D space but could be reasonably reduced to 2D space (circle/square) or expanded to 4D space (hypercube/hypersphere). Since the dispersions wouldn’t really be useful for Integers or Reals, we might create a new node called Make Random Points that is specific to 2D/3D/4D points and has a dispersion input.

It may also be exciting to allow an input to restrain the random point generation to an object input. So lets say you have a 3D model of a hand, then you can feed that into the Distribution Object, and the random points are only drawn within the object. That way we could also feed in spheres or anything else?

Maybe then we only need two modes: Surface or Volume, and then leave the cube or sphere to the end user to feed in those 3D models. (which are primitives in Vuo anyway).

What do you guys think?

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