Add output port to Enqueue node for event to declare "list full"

I know I can count the list items in the output of the Enqueue node and subtract the maximum items input value from that number (and anything less than zero means not full yet).

But why not just generate an event in the Enqueue node and output it so I can turn off the code that is filling the enqueue to help me save CPUs? The C code is already counting and comparing the list item count with Max Items input. I’m firing 1000 events a second at this Enqueue in start up phase of composition and don’t want it to execute at all once it’s made the initialisation list, which then is passed to another list making processes and so on, and so on, for the initialisation phase of this composition .

Saves user time and canvas clutter more importantly.

I guess I could make a sub-comp for it but yeah, shouldn’t need to for something so generic.

actually I’m getting an infinite feedback loop just trying to put a valve/switch on the event flow feeding this Enqueue node.

Is it even possible to do this manually? logically I can’t see why not!

population dynamics.vuo (6.45 KB)

I’ve switched to holding the list out of the enqueue which thankfully stops the chain of events through multiple list making loops for initialisation phase, but I’d still like to stop the flow into the initial list creation at 1000 events per second. it seems like a cleaner way to execute the logic too.  

I’m not sure exactly what numbers you want in that initial list, but it sounds like you’d be better off using one of the nodes that will generate the full list all at once — like Make Points along Line, Make Random List, Copy List Items, or Build List — so you don’t have to fire those 1000 events at all.