Add Push Button parameter for FxPlug plugins

FxPlug allows for a variety of parameters accessible through Final Cut Pro, here the documentation about it.

It would be a huge upgrade to have access to the Push Button:

It would allow Final Cut Pro plugin creators to run tasks through the effect inspector. Such a feature would make more complex and creative plugins possible, as well as increase reliability by making a “refresh” button possible, for example.

The other parameters would also help a lot creating user friendly plugins. For now, a possible solution to create the user interface for an FCPX plugin is to edit the Motion Template trough Motion and link the FxPlug parameters to the parameters of other effects, publish them and disable the original effect.

In the process of checking how difficult this would be to do, we ended up just doing it. Released in Vuo 2.4.3. You create a pushbutton parameter by publishing an event-only input port.


That’s awesome, thanks a lot for your quick update!


This is fantastic news — thanks very much. I’ll try again to mention Vuo at the FCP Creative Summit coming up in November, and hopefully get a few new FCP/Motion developers interested. :slight_smile: