Add support for Enttec DMX USB Pro


I wonder if there is any way to reuse my old Enttec DMX USB Pro adapter with VUO?

I guess right now it’s not supported, but wonder if this is on any kind of todo list? Or is the device simply too old?
As it was quite popular (at least I think so) many probably still have it somewhere in there shelves and it would be great to have the option to use it.


Hi, @jvolker. I converted your question into a feature request; the community can now vote on its priority. Thanks!

The Enttec DMX USB Pro is an openDMX device with serial communication. Upon release of Vuo 1.1 it should be able to make a custom node that can communicate with the device via serial.

API and examples available here: ENTTEC | Lighting control experts : ENTTEC  

There are a ton of these things in the wild (we have a number of them.)

I haven’t even tried using it with Vuo but any compatibility would be great. Throwing a vote. :)

I actually started coding on it but never finished …

I’m now using OLA to convert from Artnet to the Enttec. OLA’s documentation is a bit weak, but once you got the most important facts it’s super easy. But I think you need a second computer to run it on, since there are conflicts sending and receiving Artnet with the same device.

  1. Install Homebrew using this short instruction (only 1 command in terminal):
  2. In Terminal enter: “brew install ola”
  3. Enter: “olad”
  4. Open your browser and enter: “localhost:9090”
  5. In the web gui create a universe and add the plugins you need (Artnet, Serial USB - for the Enttec, maybe OSC, …)
  6. Have fun!

I hope I didn’t forget anything.

Just a simple side note; instead of going the enttec route if you need a node, Elation has a pure Art-net 8-universe node that is a lot more bang for the buck. The eNode8 Pro has 8 DMX in- or outputs (per port configurable) for about the cost of 2 enttec nodes (street price). This reads a lot more like a sales pitch than I’d like, but we got two earlier this year to work with our MAs, and they have played nice all summer.