Allow multiple modifier keys when using Receive Keyboard Buttons

The current list of modifier keys is:

  • Any
  • Command
  • Option
  • Control
  • Shift
  • None

Rather than expanding it to include all possible combinations of modifiers (growing the list of 6 above to a list of 17), would it be possible to have checkboxes and radio buttons or a switch? Something like this:

[ ] Command |
[ ] Option  | Checkboxes
[ ] Control |
[ ] Shift   |
( ) Any of the above | Radios or
( ) All of the above | a switch

For the “None”, just select no checkboxes, (and Vuo can ignore the radios). For the “Any” option, select all checkboxes and the “Any of the above” radio.

Shortcut buttons or hyperlink-style labels could be placed at the top or bottom of the dialog to quickly select all or none of the checkboxes.

Opened for voting.

The way Kineme QC Freeboard patch worked was to output state of all the modifiers. Then you made your own logic gate customised to whatever you needed. Would such a set-up translate to Vuo?

@useful_design, wouldn’t checkboxes for the modifier keys be more convenient? Where in QC you would use a multiplexer and logic patches, here you would just check some boxes in the input editor.

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I used to use small expression patches with the Freeboard/Keyboard patch for multiple instances but just needed on Freeboard patch with multiple noodles coming off it. I guess it just depends whether you desire multiple Freeboard patches or multiple expression patches in a QC context. Expressions are smaller nodes is all I would say in favor of that method. Probably it’s no big deal either way, don’t use Vuo enough to have an opinion either way.