Allow text layers to optionally scale with the window size


As discussed here with @jstrecker here, right now, the only way I know to make text adapt to composition windows and live window resizings is to feed some “Get Widow Dimension” its height or width pixels into some “Divide” node and connect that into the “Make font” its “Point Size” port (see screenshot).

Jamie told me she made an internal note but I just wanted to make that feature request public. Not only so people can vote on it, but I’d love to see a mockup by the Vuo team on what nodes could get this done.

Of course, text should be sharpest possible :) If this would not be possible to get retina sharp texts this way, programmatically, then I’d rather want this feature request not to be accepted.


I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

Our plan is to give the Make Text Layer node a new boolean port called Scale with Scene:

  • When false, text layers would behave like they do now (constant text size).
  • When true, the font’s point size would be interpreted relative to the default window width of 1024 points, and the text layer would be rerendered (to ensure sharp text) as the window is resized.

@smokris thanks Steve

Chosen to be implemented.

Chosen to be implemented.

AMAZING news ! ;)

Resolved in Vuo 2.0 beta.