Is this possible in Vuo? Rotating images is pretty rough, wondering if anyone has a workaround.

The Render Layers to Window and Render Scene to Window nodes apply OpenGL’s 4x multisampling to the scene[^1], which smooths the edges of objects.

(The Render Layers to Image and Render Scene to Image nodes don’t yet use multisampling, since that OpenGL extension isn’t yet well-supported on Mac OS X.)

[^1]: Except on the Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, due to OpenGL driver bugs.

@smokris Can you already give a rough estimate about how long it will take to fix/implement this? It would then actually be great to manually set multisampling. Thanks!

@jvolker, I’m going to see if we can fit multisampling support for Render Scene/Layers to Image into Vuo 1.2 (coming in a few months).

Considering the Render Scene to Image is what is used to Publish the Image for other applications. It would be nice to have Aliasing support. Looking forward to 1.2.

@Smokris Now that multisampling is available in 1.2. Is there a way to turn it off? I see that the range is from 1-8x. Possible to add a 0 to turn it off?

Azy, multisampling = 1x means single-sampling / no multisampling.


Azy, in the final 1.2.0 release, we renamed “1x” to “Off”. Hopefully that should be clearer now — thanks for pointing that out.