Any Art-net performance tests done?

I’m considering buying a pro license for Art-net support but I’d like to know that it will do what I need it to, performance-wise.
Essentially just create an arbitrary pixel mapper ala Resolume, Madmapper etc. Sample colours from image and spit it out artnet. A post I saw mentions some performance concerns, What is the current outlook for heavy use of “sample color from image” and artnet in a performance-hit context? Other software doesn’t seem to struggle with it at all so I wonder(if there IS performance issues) if there are any plans to optimise this functionality.

Here’s a demo composition, with exported app. It samples a 20x20 grid of points from a movie (30fps, 640x480) and sends the colors via Art-Net.

The composition performs OK in Vuo 1.2.3. However, while testing it, we realized there’s a problem in Vuo 1.2.4 that causes the framerate to drop over time, so we’ll look into getting that fixed. In the meantime, I’d recommend testing with Vuo 1.2.3.

If you want to test Sample Color from Image with different parameters (number of points sampled, etc.) without Vuo Pro, you can of course chop out the Art-Net nodes and run the composition.

SampleColors-colorLoop6.vuo (5.16 KB) (11.5 MB)

This has been very helpful Jaymie, thank you. But how have you managed to take an event only cable from the play movie node and plug it into the fire port of the process list? I’m trying to replicate it from scratch and can’t manage it, can’t find anything in the manual about event only cables.
EDIT: Ok, I found it. Hold option when dragging. I think I might have had a dodgey keyboard when I tried every modifier under the sun.  

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