Anyway to create buttons on FCPX Inspector?

Hi, I’m starting to develop plugins for Final Cut Pro. I noticed that some FCPX plugins use custom on-screen GUI and custom controllers in the inspector (see examples below):

Do you know how this can be achieved, and is there any way to create interactive buttons/images (on-screen or in the Inspector) from Vuo?

I’m new to the software, and from what I understand, the plugins controllers visible on FCPX are generated from the Inputs section on Vuo. I saw that there is a bunch of different inputs available; maybe one of them allows for something like this? Or is it possible to edit the Motion Template file to display custom controllers?

Any suggestions are welcome; thank you for your help!

The manual section Exporting an FxPlug plugin has a table of published input port types controllable in Final Cut Pro or Motion. With these data types, you can get numerical sliders, menus, checkboxes, color pickers, and text inputs.

It is possible to edit the Motion template. When you export the composition to FxPlug, the confirmation dialog shows the location where the Motion template was saved.

Yes, I know, that’s what I was using. However, Motion doesn’t offer much freedom either, and there’s no way to integrate a push button.