App preferences and filepath

Hi all. Is there a way to choose a filepath (url) and store it in the app ? I have an app that snapshots a live video input , adds a text input and saves as an image to disc. Now you can set a default url in the 'display save window ’ node, but you have to change that every save action if different to the url built into app. Id like to be able to specify a path via a button press and have the app store . If possible, then save on quit so it defaults next boot up.

Hope that makes sense

EDIT*. Sussed out how to store the change during app boot up using ‘hold value’ node, and updating url on save

Sounds like you were able to solve your own problem…? If not, let us know what remaining questions you have.

I did solve this thank you. Discovered the ‘write data’ and ‘read data’ node. Wrote a text file at save point with folder path to the application support folder in library.

Am i right in thinking you cant write this to the app package itself ?

That’s correct. To quote the vuo.url node set documentation:

Apple discourages modifying files within app bundles, and doing so may break code-signing. As an alternative, your app or plugin can store persistent data in ~/Library/Application Support/<app name>/ or store temporary data in ~/Library/Caches/<app name>/.