Append layers to a list during runtime


As part of my learning process of getting to grips with Vuo I am trying to create a list of randomly placed ovals to render to the window. I’m no expert with Vuo yet so my method may be a bit messy. Here’s the way I’m trying to do it ( my composition (7.15 KB)):

  1. Create a list of random {x,y} points.
  2. Cycle through the vector2D list and assign each value to an oval layer.

The problem with my composition is that with each event loop a new oval layer is created. Running my composition shows a new oval with each event loop at a different 2D position. I would like to create a list of layers but I’m guessing with Vuo I’d have to render them simultaneously?


if i should start from 0 building your idea, I think that I’d choose a “Build List” way.

Anyway I modified your composition so that you can solve your specific question. Simply create a list of layers and, when the last one is added, send them all together to Render node.


2D_array_ovalsvuo.vuo (9.27 KB)

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I’m not sure I understand your question, if you wanna show them over time but keep the other ones, for reasonable amounts, you could as @cremaschi suggested use Build List or simply enqueue them using the Enqueue Node (see attached composition), for many many layers, best would be to render them in an image and blend-feedback the images, in the idea of Pointillism by sampling colors  

Enqueue Cycle List.vuo (2.89 KB)


@Bodysoulspirit your composition is what I was attempting to make. Thank you both.