For the Blackmagic implementation! Great job from team Vuo!

We were supplying LED screens for i-mag for a festival this weekend. A few of the artists wanted black/white or sepia-ish camera production instead of full color. This however gave unacceptable latency with the hw scalers we usually provide combined with the processing inserts from the camera production side.

Since we had a decent amount of time to try out a few things, we toyed with popping in Vuo instead of the effects processor just to see if that made a difference in latency. It did! In addition, removing the scaler from the chain and doing that as well in Vuo also removed a conversion point, making for even less latency.

This meant we went from ā‰ˆ2-300ms latency, to < 50ms (3 frames-ish) - rock solid. That is good enough for the latency to be unnoticeable for the untrained eye at a distance where the screens make any sense. I would never have thought it to be possible to reliably scale and apply color adjustments through a computer faster than dedicated HW, so good job indeed! Also, compared to other solutions like MadMapper or Resolume it is a world of difference which Iā€™d guess is because of the lack of added overhead from all the other stuff always running in those applications.

(Just as a side note, we did test this for over the duration of the concerts before running it live, and we could switch over to the original (color) setup by the flick of a switch in case anything happened)


Wonderful! Congrats on a successful festival. Thanks for telling us about it :)