Apply an ICC Color Profile to an image (ex CMYK printing profiles)

Now that we have the ability to convert a color using ICC color profiles, this feature request is about the ability to apply a color profile to an image.
For example to preview an image with a selected printing profile, like you can in Adobe products or the macOS Preview app.

Hey, @Bodysoulspirit, just wanted to let you know that your feature request is not forgotten :) We’ve been snatching time here and there to research color profiles, because it’s a tricky subject and we don’t want to miss anything important when planning this feature.

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Oh man is colour space a complicated topic. Read Real World Colour Management (recommended) twice and struggled to explain to others who problems I needed to solve even when I did get much of it myself (now half forgotten). The conversions through multiple spaces and Applications invoking in different ways gets very tricky, but necessary to understand and use sometime, especially in print and proofing work.  

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Hey @jstrecker ;)

Take your very time, printing and CMYK is not the primary use for Vuo, talking for me only, I have no problem at all if it takes more then a year only to validate and open for voting this feature request ;)

We made some preliminary steps in Vuo 2.1.0:

  • Added Make ICC Color and Get ICC Color Values nodes to convert from/to a color specified using components in an ICC profile to/from sRGB
  • In Make CMYK Color and Get CMYK Color Values, added a Colorspace port to allow selecting a different method of converting between CMYK and sRGB

@Bodysoulspirit, if that fulfills your needs, great. Let me know. But my impression from your post is that you’d need more than this: the ability to apply a color profile to an entire image, not just an individual color.

So I’ve opened this feature for voting, with the plan to create an Apply ICC Color node that inputs and outputs an image.

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@jstrecker, I changed the title and description of this FR since the part about converting a single color already is implemented ;) Hope it’s fine, please modify if not.  

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