Apps notarized by Apple

From Steve’s blog post Never-ending-notary-nuisance-or-infinite-loop-infinite-loop I learned feature macOS apps will need to be authorized by Apple.

This may seem a bit early to talk about it since we don’t know how or when but I was wondering if the team already had had some thoughts regarding this. I wanted to cast some votes on the “Code-sign” apps feature request but I admit if we get code-signing now and sooner or later no possibility to authorize, code-signing seems a bit useless, if Gatekeeper blocks apps one or twice doesn’t change a lot.

I don’t know any technical code-related stuff about this but my question is : will there be a way for Vuo exported apps & screensaversto to support this as well ? From the editor ? Or will Vuo have to export some kind of Xcode bundles and we would need Xcode to build the app and let Apple authorize it ? Or another method like authorize it another way ?


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We’d like to automate both code-signing and notarization. Now that Steve has figured out the process for using the command-line tools (altool and stapler), we think this will be possible.

There are still some open questions. One is whether Vuo users will have to install Xcode to obtain altool. You wouldn’t actually have to use Xcode, you’d just need to download and install it. We’ll have to see if this will be necessary, or if it would be legal and practical to bundle altool with Vuo.

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@jstrecker sounds good !