Area selection tool and cables

I have a very busy composition with lots of cables running all over the place, I have it laid out fairly neatly however there are still long distance cable runs that run from one side of my composition to the other underneath other groups of nodes. This usually isn’t a problem except when I am trying to delete multiple nodes in the middle of my composition using the area selection tool, it also selects any cables that pass underneath the selected area which I don’t want to delete. Is there a way to do an area selection and only delete cables directly connected to the nodes I am deleting and ignores the cables of nodes that are outside of the selection area? Ideally I think there should be a key to hold down when I select that ignores cable all together and when delete is pressed the cable disappears only if a node at either or both ends has been deleted.

Not yet. Node-only selection is on its way: Don’t select cables on drag. If you select the nodes and then delete them, the cables attached to them will also be deleted.

Yes the “Don’t select cables on drag” was what I was think of. Glad to hear it’s coming.