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I did see the general FAQ reply of “early in 2021” for a native ARM version.
Any update on this … I have a project that would be a good fit for the M1 Mac Mini.

Without committing to anything, I would guess that we have several weeks of work still to do on Vuo 2.3.0 — with native ARM support being the main feature of this release.

In the interest of transparency, here’s our progress on ARM:

Mostly done:

  • Build each of Vuo’s open-source dependencies (33 Conan packages) as “universal” (ARM + x86_64) binaries
  • Update Vuo’s other dependencies, such as the macOS SDK
  • Update the Vuo compiler code to use a newer version of the LLVM/Clang API that supports ARM
  • Modify the Vuo compiler code so it can compile nodes and compositions to either ARM or x86_64
  • Build the Vuo application and modules (nodes, types, libraries) as universal binaries

In progress / still to do:

  • Handle the new code-signing and notarization requirements on macOS 11 + ARM
  • Update the FxPlug export to be compatible with the newest version of Final Cut Pro
  • Show an error when attempting to use proprietary dependencies that haven’t released ARM versions (NDI and Leap)
  • Much more testing, and fixing any bugs found

Very much looking forward to testing native Vuo on M1 MBA!  

Since Vuo 2.2.1 on ARM (running on Rosetta) has some major bugs, and since we’ve wrapped up pretty much everything needed for native ARM support except FxPlug, we’ve decided to release Vuo 2.3.0 without it.

So the new plan is:

  • Vuo 2.3.0 — native ARM
  • Vuo 2.4.0 — FxPlug 4
  • Vuo 2.5.0 — Metal graphics

The ARM bugs fixed in Vuo 2.3.0 will include:

  • very slow framerates for Receive Live Video and Capture Image of Screen
  • wrong colors for scenes passed through 3D object filters

We expect to release Vuo 2.3.0 in about a week.


Great to hear. I have an exhibition coming up in a few months and the two iDomes are driven by a Vuo composiiton on a MacMini., latest before the M1 They are relatively simple: read an h264/265 equirectangular movie, extract a fisheye (my shader) dependig on user navigation, warp that frame using the mesh warping for the projection. It all runs smooth for 4K equirectangular movies but the projection system is capable of a bit higher resolution. Is the new version of Vuo on the M1 likely to improve such a Vuo composiiton.
ps: I won’t “hold” you to your answer, just trying get some opinions and ascertain whether I should do the test.

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Is the new version of Vuo on the M1 likely to improve such a Vuo composiiton

Assuming you run on integrated gfx (intel) on the Mini, it should be an improvement from a HW standpoint.

If you run an eGPU with a newer (AMD 5000 series) GPU it most likely is not.

Note that you shouldn’t invest in an eGPU for future use with Apple Silicon at this time. While TB is supported, PCIe GPUs are not. As Apple is very tight lipped about the future of this, so I think it’s fair to speculate that it probably won’t happen.

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@MartinusMagneson reading up on the Mac mini M1 + eGPU users are reporting that the hardware is detected but there are no drivers. I think it would be a bit odd if Apple didn’t support the full TB specification considering the user base who need and already own eGPUs. But Apple have never really listened to the user base when it comes to hardware, the Mac Pro is a good example of not listening. The Mac mini on the other hand is the perfect installation machine, but yes I agree, maybe wait for M1X to see how things progress.

@2bitpunk The TB implementation is full, and you can use Blackmagic I/O cards with it. What’s missing is ARM driver support for AMD GPUs. This is a red flag for future support of 3rd party drivers. If AMD had any vested interest in future Apple products, they would benefit from test-driving their drivers on the early adopters and eGPUs before releasing embedded products together with Apple. Combined with Apple developing their own GPUs this strongly speaks in favor of AMD support going the same way as Nvidia. All of this is speculation, but I’d wager that if there ever is a new eGPU for Macs, it will have an Apple-logo (unless they go cloud acceleration instead).

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Good to hear, I don’t use eGPU but I do have a TB Sonnet expansion chassis for my BM cards. As I said Apple have always done their own thing so who knows how the GPU thing will play out. As I write I’m on a OpenCore OSX86 machine with Radeon RX 580 8 GB which works well for a non-production machine, its my next MBP I would be more worried about. Also the wish for a mid range affordable rack mountable machine has never come to pass, instead of 4U practicality Apple have always designed themselves into a corner with odd shaped boxes which either weigh a ton or are difficult if not impossible to upgrade. Saying that generally my Apple laptops / desktops last 8-10 years so amazing value over time.

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Update — Over a week ago, I had guessed we’d release 2.3.0 in about a week. It’s taking longer than expected because of a bug in live editing on ARM that’s unusually difficult. (Technical details: Vuo’s live editing works by hot-swapping dynamic libraries. Some of the inner workings of how dynamic libraries are loaded changed on macOS + ARM, so we’re having to rework some of our live-editing code.) Sorry for the delay! Just wanted to let you know what was going on.

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Thanks Jaymie for the update. Good luck in slaying those bugs!

Update — Earlier this week we began testing the first release candidate on a variety of systems. We found three major bugs that needed to be fixed before release — one lingering issue related to the bug in my previous comment, and two problems involving Apple’s code-signing (which is a real challenge for an application like Vuo that generates code). We’re now testing fixes to those issues and continuing the overall testing.


Thanks Jaymie for keeping us updated :slightly_smiling_face:

Vuo 2.3.0 released!



Confirmed Receive Live Video is getting full frame rates on M1 Air here.


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Bravo !

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Congratulations on the new release folks! This is huge!


Hey @pbourke I’m wondering if this dome projection for the Seven Sisters travelling exhibition (Museums Australia (WA)) is your work?