artnet buffering


There seems to be some artnet buffering, meaning I am sending different values than the ones that are broadcasted to artnet.
Is there any way to disable this, longer the program runs the longer the delay.

Thank You

VuoComposition.vuo (15 KB)


Vuo double-buffers Art-Net packets, and the delay imposed by that should be at most one DMX frame (1/40 second). The delay you’re seeing could be caused by something else, like ethernet congestion (are you running on an isolated, local, wired ethernet network, or something else?), or Vuo event queueing (but your event source, Fire Periodically, has its Event Throttling set to Drop Events, so that doesn’t look like the problem).

I tried to reproduce the problem like this:

  • Started and started recording packets
  • Opened the composition
  • Opened a port popover for Send Art-Net Messages’s Send DMX port so I can watch the values Vuo’s sending
  • Ran the composition for 30 seconds
  • Stopped the composition and Wireshark recording

In the first packet Wireshark recorded, channel 1 has value 0. In the last packet, channel 1 has value 24% (64/255). Those values match what Vuo’s popover shows. So I’m not seeing the delay here.

How long do you need to run the composition before you start noticing the delay? About how long is the delay at that time?