Atomic Pixels Move [Coge + VuoFX Competition]

Actually 4 compositions.

Sub-points of the images movings. 4 Modes :

  • Warp Speed.
  • Worms.
  • Vertical.
  • Horizontal.

Can set variables like amount of points, points size, speed … (7.62 KB)


Pretty cool, thanks!

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Watch in HD but fore some reason I don’t know there is an incredible drop of the image quality when I upload the video to Youtube. The real Vuo composition is of much better quality and the original offline movie export from Vuo too !

Hey people ;)

Glad to see the entry won the contest ! Thanks for voting !

Don’t forget to play a little with the parameters, here are some samples

A - Flag style, Add noise to object settings set to 0,2 for x,y,z and scale to 0,5, speed divide at 2.

B - Same style but with the Blend Image Feedback transform x,y scales both set to 1,02

C - Why not some Blend Feedback with some rotations, here at 45°, x,y at 0,99.

Guess Kaleidoscopes could look cool too.

@bodysoulspirit Having trouble getting this Image Filter to run properly in VDMX. When I apply the effect, the image turns black. If I scale up the Points 4 squares at each corner are visible. I tried modifying the Composition to no avail. I will test on a different machine to rule out hardware issue.


@krezrock mmm sorry you’re having issues. I don’t have nor use VDMX. Hope you’ll find the problem !

@bodysoulspirit ha! will let you know if I can get it going.

@BodySoulSpirit Got this image filter working in VDMX. I had to edit the values on the amount of points Port.  

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