Auto Switch off Video Elements

Just thought I would share a great solution I came up with for creating a fast Video mixing playback engine.

I wanted to have lots of videos controlled by MIDI sliders, and control the opacity of the video.

I also wanted to switch off the video playback if the MIDI slider was set to 0 opacity, as it would not be doing anything anyway, being a transparent video.

The solution was to use a conditional logic node, that becomes true if opacity slider is anything but 0. Then plug that conditional outcome into playback speed. That way when the opacity is 0 the playback of the video file will be set to 0, and because of the way Vuo works, being extremely execution aware, the Video node simply does nothing after that! No resource usage!

What do people think of that?! Super simple solution to mega video playback (especially with lots of Media & custom filters on each media element)

PS: in the example above I am also using a custom value for playback rate because for that video I wanted it to play back slower, so that makes it a bit more complex, but if you wanted to playback at realtime- simply plug in the Boolean as it will automatically convert to a Real Number.

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