automatic incrementation


On my composition, I’m using a HID device (a video game controller), I’d like to push the “start” button from my device one time and makes the node “Count within Range” increment automatically from 0 to 127 and conversely with the “back” button from 127 to 0.
The matter is that I need to push 127 times the start/back buttons to reach the 0/127 values…

is it possible to create a sort of automatic incrementation ?



Yes, there are several ways to do this. I’ve included one composition that demonstrates using a toggle button to increment and decrement, and a second that allows you to pause the count. You can use Fire Periodically if you want a different rate of change. You can create a similar composition using two separate buttons for increment and decrement.

cycleforwardbackA.vuo (3.31 KB)

cycleforwardbackB.vuo (4.7 KB)

Hi, thanks for the tips :)
by taking inspiration from those 2 files, this is how a fix my issue :

Nice! Glad we could help.