Be able to copy constant values from one input port to another

Be able to right-click on an input port and choose Copy, then right-click on another input port and choose Paste. This would make it easier to transfer complex data (e.g. colors, or anything else more complex than a number or text) from one input port to another.

Similar feature request: Be able to select and copy text in detached port popover

Alternative suggestion is a Right-Click menu item for “Connect Shared Value Node…” (equivalent in QC was the “Insert Input Splitter…” and Kineme’s “Insert Input Splitters to All Ports…”).

I used these all the time to copy non-trivial values that could be stored in a slitter. Sometimes they are detachable and store the value internally, sometimes not.

I’d like that feature in Vuo too, even if there’s less call for this hack in Vuo.