Before I buy ^^

I have questions before I buy Vuo :

Is it possible to get blender model in Vuo and use it in VDMX with rig control of blender in vdmx ?

I tried to load simple blender file but not able to get the camera view, is it a problem of blender legacy mode ? (I made a quick search about it, and only found something about this)



Hi, @Zoltan. Welcome :) The only bug I know of with loading models is . Does passing your model through a Flatten 3D Object node make it appear correctly? If not, could you post your composition and model and we (Vuo team) will take a look?  

thank for your answer,

I tried to get the Flatten 3D Object but impossible to install it in trial mode, only on Vuo Pro …

I send you a zip file with 2 blender files :
The first one is the called"Humanwire" I tried to import it but wasn’t able to change camera view (only Top)
And the second one is an example of control rig that I wish to import in VDMX


Zoltan (417 KB)

Humanframe.blend has some inverted faces. If I pass it through Show Back of 3D Object (as in the attached composition), it appears whole.

Minecraft_Character_Rig.blend seems to be suffering from a bug in the 3rd-party software that Vuo uses to import meshes, Open Asset Import. (Feel free to report the bug via their website. We can tell it’s a bug in OAI’s code, not Vuo’s code, because the mesh also appears broken in OAI 3.2.0’s built-in simpleogl test app.) To avoid this problem, maybe you can export to another format, such as Collada DAE or Wavefront OBJ.

I tried to import it but wasn’t able to change camera view

Have you tried the Make Draggable Camera or Transform 3D Object nodes?  

HumanWireFrame.vuo (2.3 KB)

Hey Zoltan,

Here is Jaymie’s composition in Image Generator mode to import in VDMX with the Human Wireframe rotated to appear in front view, a light source and a rotating camera with some published ports that you should be able to control within VDMX.
You can of course publish the ports you’ll need for the things you will wanna control.


HumanWireFrame For (131 KB)

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