Hello everybody!
Please, help me how to export such composition from an image generator?
What should I change here? I guess image instead of layers but then the composition is changing.
And also how to paint some letters?


Hi @Vvvedenskaya and welcome to Vuo ;)

Not sure what you mean with “export” such composition ? But joining here a composition that you can download showing how I would do it. By export you mean you wanna export a movie from it?

And what do you mean with “paint letters” ? Like draw with the mouse ?



Cycle Characters Image Generator.vuo (2.72 KB)


Thanx a lot!
I mean I want to make some words (A, B, C) another color (yellow, red)
How to do it?

You could use the same method you already did for words, but cycle through a list of colors.
Or you could also use random colors for each word.

Then, to set colors, use a Make Font node.

See attached compositions ;)  

Cycle Through Colors.vuo (3.73 KB)

Random Colors.vuo (3.78 KB)