Best Practice for including custom modules with Vuo compositions

Most of my compositions use a custom module, to remember the size and posion of a Vuo window, which I have installed in my modules folder.

If I send a vuo composition to other people, when they open it they get a notification that the node is missing.

Is there a way round this, so I don’t have to send the module as another file with detailed installation instructions, without just unpacking all the standard nodes from the custom module and moving them to the main level of the composition?

you can add the nodes to a folder named “Modules” in the same directory with composition. so you can send composition with modules. it can automatically opened from vuo app.


but if you want to save the window positions(or other data) to the composition, i dont know if there is a way. i always save this kind of information to a txt file on same directory.

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