Beta testers

Hi guys. Finally some new alpha/beta to test ;) Can’t wait for 1.2 to be released !

But I was wondering, has something changed in the way you allow access for beta testers ? I am not allowed to download the 1.2 alpha 4, I get an “acres denied, you are not allowed to access this page” message when trying.

Just wanted to know if it’s a bug or if you changed the beta testers’s policy.


Hi, @bodysoulspirit. You currently have a Vuo 1.1.x license. Since we’re getting close to the final Vuo 1.2 release, you need a Vuo 1.2.x license in order to use alpha4. Vuo 1.2.x is a paid upgrade ($24 USD).

Ok nevermind. Just read the email concerning the Vuo 1.2 license to test the alpha. Will upgrade. You may want to delete this discussion post.

@smokris crossed answers, just read the email ;) nevermind, you may delete this post. Ciao

@smokris but on the Vuo/buy page there is only 1.1 to buy ?

on the Vuo/buy page there is only 1.1 to buy ?

(Yes, we haven’t updated that text yet since 1.2.0 final isn’t released yet. But if you upgrade now, you’ll get the final 1.2.0 release and any 1.2.x releases.)

@smokris. Ok thanks