Black areas of 3D model doesn't render.


Just getting started with Vuo to implement 3D modeling with my Vjing. I ran into an issue where the black areas in my 3D model doesn’t render in Vuo. I have attached a photo to show what it looks like. Any help would be awesome!



3D Model is imported as .dae instead of .obj. It doesn’t happen with .obj so I expect it might be some export option I can’t figure out in blender I guess. But I would prefer to use .dae since the quality looks better.

Hi, Samir. If you can post your composition and 3D models (Blender file, OBJ, DAE), we (Vuo team) can try to figure out why the black areas are missing with the .dae.  

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Thank you!

Vuo - Google Drive (2.77 MB)

Thanks for providing those files. It turns out to be the same underlying problem as this bug report.

Until that bug is fixed, a workaround would be to use Vuo 1.2.5.

Or Flatten 3D Object in Vuo 1.2.6.

The problem is fixed in Vuo 1.2.7.