Blurred Space

Not sure if the title is too correct. It is an image effect where blurring/glow has gone completely off tracks creating a space distortion effect. Was trying out some glow techniques (and pushing it far beyond reasonable ranges) when stumbling across this, and it is really cool when feeding it (live) video. It is really heavy as it basically just duplicates the image from 50-200 times through layers, resizes them, and blends them together with a changed blending mode. Put the .vuo file in your user modules folder, feed it an image and connect the requested frame to the refresh port for immediate satisfaction (and then distress as your computer heats up).


May get stuck and needs to be force closed as an exported app.

Also, image (nicked from @jstrecker) from NOAA photo library

Magneson.blurredSpace.vuo (5 KB)


Hey @MartinusMagneson ;)

Like the effect. It is different from the “Blend Image with feedback” node.

Was just trying to make it lighter a little bit. Seems that using copy layers I can get quite the same result but a little bit lighter on my computer.
Thought you could want to give it a try, see if it’s lighter on yours too.

Both Image loader and Live video launch at 100 copies by default.

Standard composition protocol as opposed to yours so no need to put it inside the user module folder.

Tell me what you think

Blurred Space with Layer (370 KB)