Building and processing lists?

Hey all, I’ve got another question for the community, let see if anyone can help me solve this one!

I’ve created a comp which arranges squashed tubes (circles) into a grid and rotates them individually to create these lovely patterns.

So this works and renders great. I’ve attached SpinningCircles01.vuo if people want to have a play. It’s is based on another comp I found online, I forget who made it but I think their comp was called ‘disco objects’ so big up! :)

I’ve tweaked it a little and it now looks like this,

How do I add 1 of 6 random images onto each circle and still keep these lovely patterns?

Here’s where I’m at, I’ve also attached this vuo comp SpinningCircles04.vuo

My thinking was, build each tube with texture, hold it, and rotate it in the grid with the offset.
What I’ve noticed is the the build list keeps firing (I guess thats because of the rotations), and in turn the random image keeps firing and my circles are constantly flickering between images. If I stop the events after the build list then I don’t get any of the rotations any more, catch 22. Images or patterns.

If anyone has any ideas, new thoughts on how to build this I’d love to know.
Thanks guys,

SpinningCircles01.vuo (9.41 KB)

SpinningCircles04.vuo (10.1 KB)

TEST (56.3 KB)

Unhiding cables, I see that there are some cables from Time ( sneaking into the middle of the Build List loop. Everywhere else you’ve got events into the loop correctly blocked using Hold Value nodes, so you just need to do the same here.

SpinningCircles05.vuo (10.2 KB)

Hey Jaymie,
Adding the hold value after the time node makes sense to me now, thanks for that.
When I render though my texture are still constantly changing.


Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way I’m not sure? I’d love the textures to be randomly assigned to each tube/circle and then hold (no change/flickering).
I’m assuming it’s because I’ve got an event coming from the time node into the build list. If I remove this, then the textures don’t flicker but I lose the rotations which create these patterns. If you could suggest a way to get around this I’d love to know. Thanks for your help.

Oh OK. Like this? The key to making each image stick to its original tube is to form the list of images on the first event and keep reusing it after that.

(Sorry for the green flash. That’s my GIF grabber, not the composition.)  

SpinningCircles06.vuo (11.1 KB)


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This is great, exactly what I was after. Looks like I was going wrong trying to build both the rotations and textures in the same build list. Thanks, I definitely wouldn’t have got there on my own.

One thing I found interesting was that you replaced my ‘Fire on start’ with ‘Allow first Event’. Reading the blurb about it I guess it’s something I should get into the habit of using for protocol compositions ;)

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