Bundle Movie with App

How can I bundle a movie file into an exported app?
I tried the resources folder with no success. Can somebody clear this up please, thanks.
PS- It might be good to get it on the forum explaining how to set an app icon too.

I haven’t tried it, but you might try putting it directly in the “app container”, right beside the executable. Given the way that file paths are working in Vuo, I would guess that would be OK. Probably just write the name and extension of the file in that case (no extra stuff).

Any news with this video file dependency question? Could it be like quartz composer that as long as the file path of the video is correct and relative it worked. Looked something like this in qQC ( ~/Documents/appVideoFolder/myVideo.mov )

They’re kinda two seperate things though, right? Bundled movies with an app or referencing a movie on the system. There’s a feature request or two about the file url’s, still trying to get an answer about the bundled movies though.

In Vuo 0.8.0, the Play Movie node fails to properly resolve relative paths — instead of resolving them relative to the exported app bundle’s Resources folder (like other Vuo nodes do), it uses the current working directory. When you launch an app from Finder, the current working directory is the root of the disk.

We’ve fixed this in Vuo 0.9.0.