Bypass button for nodes.

A bypass button for the nodes to route the signal directly to the output port.
This request came from some students who participated VUO AV Workshop. Sounds like a practical idea. Sometimes this can save time when we are working on complex compositions that require a lot of testing. Instead of unplugging the cables, we can disable the node.

This would be a really good feature. Have you seen this FR yet?  

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As @krezrock mentioned, there is a feature request to temporarily disable/turn off nodes. That FR, when implemented, would not emit any events that arrived at those disabled nodes. Would that solution fit your needs?

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Yes definitely!

Thank you for your comment @jmcc and @krezrock  

We’ve merged this into Option to temporarily disable/turn off nodes. That FR is open for voting, so the community can help us gauge interest and prioritize implementing it.