Calligraphy EQ

@smokris was faster uploading a method to recreate an animation as asked by @marioepsley here xtruding curves - the Zach Lieberman but I decided to upload mine too anyway.

It actually had the same idea but I used @smokris custom “Reinterpret Object” node and played with the lists a little bit to create more a triangle based mesh instead of lines.
I did not focus on the pendulum either but on the 3D shape. However I was not able to recreate the metallic-like shader.

Includes a color version (with 2 different cameras, a black and white version that simulates like a handwriting and an audio animated version),
Named it calligraphy “EQ” because I will update it with more Audio Animated versions.

PS : You’ll need Smokris custom nodes (to download in the node gallery page).
PS2 : You can switch between orthographic or perspective cameras.

Calligraphy EQ [CH] (10.4 KB)

macOS (25.5 MB)


Colors - Ortographic Camera - 1.png

Colors - 1.png

Audio Color Terrain.png


Hey @Bodysoulspirit, nice comp, I like the seamless triangle strip mesh better than @smokris’ lines. Regarding the metallic shader, I copied @smokris’ macro shader to your comp, but I can’t see how to rotate the shader image on the line strip to get it look like @smokris’. Or at least I think that’s a path to a solution, is it possible? Any progress on your side?  

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@jersmi thanks
No I haven’t played with it anymore, not sure how far you can put the shader working with the “Reinterpret 3D Object” node, guess it would be better to use Karl’s “Make Mesh With Values” node but as I said, am not very skilled when it comes to meshes.

1 - Colors - Parabox.vuo (12.3 KB)