Change item in list - "add if not present" mode


From the looks of it, the “Change item in list” node only acts on items already in a list. It would be nice to have the option to automatically add it to the list if its not present at the given index number without having to make a list up front. I assume it would have to create the in-between elements as well, so that could be a challenge.

Do I understand correctly that you’d like Change Item in List to expand the length of the list, if the length is less than the specified index to replace?

We could add an “Expand List if Needed” (boolean) input port. When set to True, the list would be expanded and the in-between list items filled in the default value for the data type (0 for numbers, empty text for text, etc.).

Assuming I understand this FR correctly (see previous comment), it would be really quick to implement. So instead of opening it for voting, I’ve gone ahead and marked it “Chosen to be implemented”.

Ah yes! Great! It will make the build/process list workflow a lot easier as you don’t have to create the list up front.

Expand List If Needed port added to the Change Item in List node in Vuo 1.2.4.