Changing from a Protocol Comp to a "normal" Composition

I wonder if I’m missing something super obvious but is there an easy way to change a comp from a Protocol type to a “normal” one? Sometimes I have comps that are Image Protocols and I want to make them a window comp. Also is there a proper term for non protocol / window compositions?

So in the same way you can right click and change a comp into a Protocol type comp, can I change a Protocol type comp into a “normal” one? At the moment I’m creating a new one from template and copying nodes over but then need to republish ports and set the values etc.


I could be missing something, but it seems you simply need to select a protocol again to deselect it, then add a window and account for width/height and events used to run the comp. If using time port in a protocol, use Fire at Display Refresh. And @jstrecker advised at some point that for some things to make sure events fire in proper order use Allow First Event (after Fire on Display Refresh) instead of using the Fire at Start that loads with the default empty comp.  


nope your not missing anything jersmi deselecting the protocol in the edit menu changes the protocol comp to a normal comp, keeping all the published ports plus adding some new ones for the protocol informations. that should fix Joëlle problem. just a matter of like you said adding a window and time events etc…

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Thanks guys! So simple, totally missed this!