Color : Color Utilities

Some color related nodes :

Make Random Hue Color : Specify the Saturation, Lightness and Opacity, and the Hue is random.

Make Random Color List : Specify minimum and maximum ranges for HSL. They get clamped between 0 and 1, but you can specify a range in between, or set both minimums and maximum at the same value to use a specific value.

Invert Color Hue : Inverts only the Hue of a color.

Invert Color HSL : Inverts the Hue, the Saturation and the Lightness.

Invert Color HSLA : Inverts also the opacity channel.

Make Hue Color List : Creates a given amount color list along hue.

Place these .c modules inside your Vuo Modules folder as usual.
You can type BSS in the node gallery to search for these nodes.

Public Domain, any feedback or improvement is welcome.

Random Color(s).zip (2.67 KB) (962 Bytes) (986 Bytes) (997 Bytes) (1.12 KB)


Have added 3 nodes to invert colours (not in image, but single Vuo Colors)

These are very helpful. Thank you, @bodysoulspirit.

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Glad they’re helpful @krezrock ;)

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