color lists

I am noticing that there seems to not be ways to convert 4D point lists to “color lists”. There also seems to be a lack of compatibility between some list tools and color lists.

Is there a particular reason for the lack of conversion? Or have I missed some node that converts?

For instance, I would expect that the output of Make Random List with Seed - configured to output 4D point list - could connect to the Colors (list) input port of Make Line Strips Object. It seems to be impossible to make any connection.

If I look at a node such as Calculate List, I can’t configure it to output a color list data type. Other types will reconfigure, and one sees the color ports on the input…but again, no conversion available. The second I hook up a point list to something like a Hold List input, the output reconfigures and the connection to the “color list” input will sever.

I can see the value of having a color type in order to have color picker GUI, but I am kind of surprised to be running into these roadblocks using “point”/vector info for color values.

You could process the list to convert…

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 5.00.59 AM.png

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I noticed that node when reading the sdk late last night…but it is a pretty poor solution because it has to process per element, right? I appreciate you mentioning it.

I have to say, this issue with the color not taking point input is way out there. Or, having all of these objects that just happen to reconfigure to every type except color lists. For all ports to have these logical automatic conversions setup except color…one of the easiest of all things to map, because it is literally a vec4.

It almost feels like an intentional impediment when I see that the pro artnet node does have the ability to output color list. Yet who would hobble an entire system so that there would only be one way to efficiently create a bunch object colors…so that thought must be wrong.

And yet, why can’t something like the random node reconfigure to color when it does to everything else? Or 4D doesn’t just convert. It is a hard to understand how someone sits down and writes conversion for every type except one, time after time, and for that to just be oversight.  

As mentioned on color data conversion, “If anyone’s interested in having a set of type converter nodes for this functionality, please create a feature request so the community can vote on how to prioritize it.”