Color picker depth


Trying to make some nodes for lighting fixtures, I realized that the color picker outputs 8-bit values instead of a 16/32bit reals from 0-1. Is there a way to increase this to 16-bit values?


If you open the input editor and select the “Color Sliders” tab, then pick “RGB Sliders” and (under the “…” or settings menu) “Show color value as: Floating point”, you can type in a value with greater-than-8-bit-precision, and it outputs a correspondingly-accurate color.

Internally Vuo’s Color type represents each RGB component as a 32-bit float. The port popover’s “Normalized” row only shows 3 decimal places precision, but the underlying data is there, as you can see from the output of Get RGB Color Values.


Thank you @jmcc! Turns out I was stupid and had set my debug port to output a scaled integer that confused me a bit :)

Didn’t know about the settings menu :exploding_head:might be useful for you in future @jon121!