Combine Layers - Composite Top Down

It would be great if the Vuo Node Combine Layers (Group) would composite them like every other Graphic and Video program does this their layers:

With the TOP LAYERS being rendered on TOP of all of the other layers.

Technically speaking, it does that. Layer 2 is on top of layer 1 - but the list is upside down from what you’re used to in the UI :upside_down_face:. As a workaround, you can use an “invert list” to have it represented as you’re used to.

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Similar to HTML/CSS and Quartz Composer, Vuo renders layers in order from back to front. On nodes such as Combine Layers (Group) and Render Layers to Window, the 1st input goes in the back, the 2nd goes on top of that, and so on. If the opposite seems more intuitive to you, then you can feed the layers through Reverse List before passing them on to a layer node.