Comp crashes thru startup

Steps causing the bug to occur

  1. it do not start up

How did the result differ from what you expected?

i expect it to run

Other notes

  • Vuo version: 0.9.0
  • macOS version: OS X 10.9

i wrote some short explanations @ the Screenshots,
i do not know, what was my mistake in generating this Comp, maybe i think to much “QuartzCoposer” Style, sorry…
Or is it to much until now, to place 23 Layers an the Controlpannel in one VUO Comp, to many notes ?

VuoCompositionLoader_2014-11-12-183355_Mac-Pro-WS.crash (45.3 KB) (200 MB)

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-12 um 19.46.31.jpg

sorry, one screenshot was missing.

Thanks for the report, Jens. I’ve confirmed that it’s crashing for me, too. We’ll plan to investigate the cause soon.

This was a tough one, but we found the problem — the Vuo Compiler has an issue where it reserves too much process stack space for each node, which, with a lot of nodes, leads to a stack overflow and crash. The limit is around 250 nodes. (Your composition has 367 nodes.)

Fixing this requires some deep changes to the compiler, which will need some testing — more than we have time to do before the 1.0 release next week. So we’re planning to fix this in the 1.1 release, scheduled for February.

In the meantime, the 1.0 release will include some new nodes for iteration, with which you may be able to simplify your composition (reducing the number of nodes and thus enabling it to run).

Oh, also, Vuo 1.0 will include a Make Button node that can further simplify your composition.

ok, great, thanks,
this is good to know,
and yes, iterations will surely help for this kind of setup :)

i am curious to see 1.0 !

Fixed in Vuo 1.1.