Convert Real to Scale (Z)


I would like a Convert Real to Scale (Z) to use in a VDMX source but the node is missing and I can’t work out how to translate the VDMX slider values into a 3D Scale (Z) transform.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Note: Coming from my direction as a VDMX user I often find a node missing which seems to be obvious. The use case for 3D Scale (XYZ) is to simply have access to the slider values in VDMX to control animation. For anyone new to Vuo missing nodes like this creates confusion, well in my case anyway :-/


For using XYZ values to control the scale of a 3D transform, this would probably be the simplest:

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Hi @jstrecker, thanks! Funny I went down such an odd route on that one… :)